Getting Your Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design

With new products and technology launching daily, designers are tasked with staying current among constant changes in the creative industry. There is a perpetual need for interactive skills that allow designers to adapt and fit this changing market – to gain or keep competitive advantage. At Nossi College of Art, our bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design Media offers students this advantage.

“The additional years of learning offered with our bachelor degree in graphic design is focused more on art direction, branding and strategy, which cater to the higher level positions out there,” Graphic Design Coordinator, Bruce Stanley, said. “Our bachelor program helps to promote a more mature designer, and it gives graduates the tools to better communicate with employers about marketing and branding on a higher level.”

BGA students take courses in packaging, 3D technologies, interactive design I, mobile applications, social media design, advertising art direction, production art, web design specialty, motion graphics and other courses that help students to learn the ins and outs of digital marketing and branding that are useful in business. After graduating from the BGA program, students are prepared to work in all aspects of the print and online graphic design industry.

“In the bachelor program, you have more time to develop your ideas into a more conceptual way with stronger projects,” Stanley said. “Your portfolio looks a lot strong with packaging, two art direction classes and additional learning with motion and 3D. You’re going to know what to do when you’re sitting in situations and employers ask you how you would handle certain things.”

Nossi College of Art’s BGA in Graphic Design Media can be completed traditionally in three and a half years for new students or even less for students transferring with an associate degree in graphic design or another closely related program. Many students complete an internship during their time here, so graduates have experience needed to land their first job after graduation.

“For a designer, usually the ladder of success is determined mostly from what you’ve learned over the course of those last two years,” Stanley said. “My own career from designer to art director to creative director wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t gone to school to get my bachelor’s.”

As with any college education, price can be a barrier when it comes to deciding where and how far you want to go with your education. Because of this, Nossi College of Art has a wide array of scholarship programs for our students. Two programs in particular are designed specifically for our alumni. The Alumni Scholarship is awarded to alumni or immediate family members to attend college and earn their degree. For alumni who like to audit classes, our Together Program is available. With the Together Program, alumni can retake a class they have already passed, for no charge. This allows alumni to get a refresh on various concepts and ideas without having to repay for the class – some rules apply.

Enrolling for a BGA in Graphic Design Media can open many doors for students. Luckily, with Nossi College of Art, you don’t even have to go through a lengthy waiting process to start. We’re still accepting applications for our fall semester, so why wait? With tuition rates increasing in January and a competitive market for creatives, this is the perfect time to apply.

“With the bachelor degree level, you’re armed to be able to find those better jobs, to make more money and to advance your career,” Stanley said.

For more information on our BGA in Graphic Design Media, check out our course catalog for the program or contact our Graphic Design Coordinator, Arden von Haeger, at bstanley@nossi.edu.


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