Alumni Spotlight: Berenice Valdes

Going to school at Nossi offers our students a head start in the professional world with our list of contacts. Graphic arts student Berenice Valdes credits a Nossi internship for her first job.

Before graduating, Berenice was accepted as an intern with a design workshop in Franklin, TN, called Primarily Rye. This eventually turned into her full-time position as a junior designer. She also currently works as a graphic/Web designer for CYC Studio, a creative agency in Nashville.

Berenice’s creative future was forever changed by her Nossi instructor who said, “Talent alone will never be enough to make you successful.” It was then she realized you have to keep challenging yourself to really grow in the creative industry. And that she did. All her creative passions—painting, sculpting, drawing, crafts, etc.—have helped Berenice become a better artist and a better creative.

If she could give any advice to current and future Nossi students, it would be to know there are endless possibilities in the creative arts world. “Though we are not doctors or lawyers, we definitely make a big difference in the world.”

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