CMAEDU Meeting SOLID and YEP – Two Young Professional Networking Groups

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Blog by Communications VP, Michiah Posey | Images by President, Katherine Seghers In February for the Spring Semester, the Nossi CMA EDU chapter hosted a networking panel to give over 60 members and nonmembers a chance to interact with representatives from Nashville’s young professional organizations, SOLID and YEP. Three people heavily involved in Nashville’s entertainment and music industries supplied advice and encounters they experienced while working in the real world. The purpose of the event? To learn how to become better networkers as young professionals. SOLID representative John Huelsmen knows first hand just how important networking can be when deciding to find a new job. Thanks to his networking connections, John already has job multiple offers lined up without even sending out his resume. John, along with Richard Vega and Garrison Snell from YEP, shared networking tips as well as some challenges they have faced while networking.   One suggestion included using networking to meet as many new people as possible. Contact information is key while networking, make sure they get your information and you get theirs. Having business cards ready to go for these events are a big plus. Garrison Snell suggested opting to put your number in their phone instead of a business card so you know they have it. Another suggested to use a creative approach when talking with someone, but ultimately you want to keep the first conversation casual – get the contact info and possibly schedule another chance to meet and discuss work. Everyone agreed that…

Learning From the Pros – Animal Edition

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Dury’s Camera Shop located in Downtown Nashville has been a great friend and supporter of students and faculty at Nossi College of Art. As photographers come into the area needing assistants and studio space to shoot, Dury’s continues to recommend photography students from Nossi’s Associate and Bachelor Photo programs. In February, Dury’s invited David Fitzsimmons to their Learning Center and several Nossi photo students were able to attend the workshop to learn what it means to build a successful, goal-oriented and inspired business highlighting entrepreneurship and creative photography. Nick Zimmer, a Nossi student, said “David Fitzsimmons taught the workshop and he was great. He was extremely personable and the best advice he gave was to just keep shooting and don’t be afraid of rejection. Keep pushing forward and you’ll make the connections you need.” That is very similar advice given in the Nossi All Access Office. We encourage students to make as many connections in college as possible because in addition to a student’s talent, it is their network that can also get them hired. Angela Everett was also able to attend saying, “Waldens Puddle from Joelton brought animals for us to photograph; there was a corn snake, Virginia opossum, Eastern chipmunk, Broad wing hawk and Eastern box turtle. I think my favorite was the eastern chipmunk. He was very active and so cute.” Everett also said, “Sigma lens was also there, and they had a range of lenses that you could try and even use to photograph the animals. …

Portfolio Requirements for Admission to Nossi College of Art

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Application Process – Submitting Your Work You are reading this because you are interested in attending Nossi College of Art or you just applied for acceptance into the college. Acceptance into Nossi requires each applicant to submit a body of work (also referred to as a portfolio). Requirements vary depending on the program you are most interested in. If you have any questions about submitting work, please do not hesitate to call admissions at 615-514-2787 (ARTS) or email. Illustration: Submit eight to 10 pieces of original work. The pieces submitted for consideration need to be a traditional style including painting, color pencil, graphite, watercolor, pen or marker. In addition to a traditional style, you may also incorporate digitally created projects. You can submit original pieces or a digital copy of each piece. We also accept sketchbooks displaying a range of skills showcasing your passion for illustration. All original work will be returned to the student. Graphic Design Media: Submit eight to 10 pieces of graphic work. These can include but are not limited to layouts for posters, brochures, package design, cd artwork and website or app designs. It is a plus if designs include samples of type, logos and understanding of content within the design. We accept both finished pieces and sketches. Did you just start producing work? No problem, as we can evaluate your creative thought process. ASSIGNMENT: Visit Google and search for 1. Creative Ads 2. Creative Packaging and/or 3. Creative Websites. Select IMAGES from the Google Navigation…

Nossi Alumni Sees Success in Graphic Design

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Young graphic artists don’t dream of setting type for plastic phone faceplates that tell hotel guests how to call room service. But such a job helped Tracy Ratliff survive while she got on her feet professionally. Now the owner of Paisley Pen Creative, she laughs about those days but says she always expected to do whatever it took to realize her vision. Thanks to Tracy’s vision and commitment, her creations have been utilized by advertising agencies, media corporations, musicians and publications throughout the U.S. She is an illustrator for Discovery Communications, the parent company of Discovery Channel and TLC. In addition, Rubicon BBQ of Chicago, the Nashville Children’s Theater, Spring Air Mattress and a coupon publication in Hopkinsville, Ky., have enlisted Tracy to design for them. Tracy’s poster for Nashville Shakespeare Festival’s Hamlet was included in Presenting Shakespeare, a book featuring 1,100 posters promoting Shakespeare-related events from around the world (see more in the below gallery). The Appalachia, Virginia, native knew at age 10 that art was her calling. Her career goal never wavered and she left her small hometown to obtain a degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. With determination and talent, she ventured to Nashville and, after several jobs that utilized only some of her creativity, she enrolled at Nossi College of Art to achieve the next level of success. “I had been consistently working in my field for about 10 years,” Tracy said of her stints with photography and printing companies. “I was always self-teaching. I…


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