Video Coordinator Hans Chilberg Debuts Microbudget: Lion Suit Dreamscape

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Nossi College of Art’s Hans Chilberg produces movie: Lion Suit Dreamscape Hans Chilberg’s high school fascination with stories and seeing them come to life on screen planted seeds resulting in the release of his new independent narrative feature film, Lion SuitDreamscape. The movie, described as a rare mix of romance, comedy, sci-fi and mystery, was filmed primarily in Nashville, with some scenes shot in Knoxville. Its premiere is scheduled for Thursday, July 23, 2016, at Studio 615 in Nashville. Hans, Nossi College of Art’s Video & Film Coordinator, was raised in Nashville, studied film and screenwriting in California and lived and focused on the film industry. He was particularly intrigued by the creation of the stories he saw on screen. “Stories, in general, were exciting to me,” Hans said. “I gravitated toward the art of visual storytelling in high school. I started seeing movies like Wes Anderson’s Bottle Rocket and John Favreau’s Swingers. They were low budget, and I liked hanging out with the characters. I felt these were movies about real things and that kind of woke me up.” Lion Suit Dreamscape’s story follows an ex-hero firefighter who dreams of his childhood TV hero and a woman he has never seen. When he passes her in real life, he sets out to find who she is, how and why he dreamt of her plus much more. Because of budget and schedules, Lion Suit Dreamscape was filmed incrementally. As it often happens with independent films, those involved participated in various capacities. Hans approached his friends, Brian Stone to act and Jonathan…

Nashville Pride 2016

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When you think of somewhere you are safe, somewhere you are accepted, and somewhere where you have infinite support and understanding, are these all in the same place? For many in the LGBT community, the annual Nashville Pride festival, is also a homecoming. Nashville Pride takes place in June of every year over two days, attendance is upward of 20,000 nashvillians and those visiting from other cities, all in celebration of LGBT community members and showing love to each other and uplifting spirits. Entertainment this year created a music festival energy but was extremely family oriented. Families, Married couples with matching shirts, and young adults lined the lawns at Public Square Park. It has only a few weeks since the tragic Orlando shooting at gay club Pulse, 49 individuals lost their lives that night and many others were injured. This was an event that could have destroyed a community, Instead they leaned in on each other for support and guidance, and came together over this weekend to show that their pride isn’t going anywhere. Rainbow flags of all types were flying; some flags were in the style of our nation’s stars and stripes, replaced with rainbow bars.. Even the flag of Mexico was decorated in vibrant color. Posters and chants of “Love is Love”, and “Love wins” filled Public Squares surrounding streets during the Equality Walk. This year during the Equality walk, Metro law enforcement marched in uniform during the Equality walk for the first time in Nashville Pride history…

Starting the Journey with Journey's

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This article was written by Nicky Drake, a Nossi College of Art photography graduate and current intern After graduating from Nossi College, I had the opportunity to intern with Journey’s Shoes and Clothing to grow as a person and as a professional. It started after making a connection through Dax Gomez, Nossi’s Career Service Director.  I shared my career goals with him, and I told him I saw myself as a photographer for retail brands, taking images that would be displayed in ads, on websites or even in print. My ultimate goal is to work for the major athletic retailer, Nike. Dax took this information and connected me with the senior photography manager at Journey’s – their headquarters is based here in Nashville! I began this experience as a photography intern in July 2015, and I’ve been a part of some great moments there.   I get to work in their photography studio capturing products delivered from merchandisers: shoes, shirts and accessories. I get to style the products so they look great for the images, part of my prep work that goes into the shoot. After prep, I capture the products I’ve styled and then upload to Journey’s system so other teams can view and load onto their websites. So, next time you visit looking for your next pair of shoes, you will know who is a part of the team creating the pictures you see! I also get to shoot for Journey’s catalog, which has a circulation in…

A Heavy Hitting Weekend at The Arnold Classic

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My day began at the Battelle Grand Ballroom where the finals for the Arnold Classic Bodybuilding Festival were held, as I walk in, their huge logo was lit up on stage. I was excited to meet Matt Lorz, the Media Coordinator I had been working with to earn media passes for this event. He hooked me up for the whole weekend, allowing me access to photograph various body building events and activities. My first stop, the convention center where hundreds of vendors from the expo were setting to display products or services to the expected crowd of over one hundred thousand! I walked around the expo during setup to understand the flow of the event and decide how to cover each event. I ran into a friend setting up his booth for Military Muscle. Their motto is to promote and rehabilitate total body and mind through fitness. You can connect with them on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. I took a photo of the team after they regrouped from unloading some of the merchandise they had brought with them.   Heading back to the ballroom, the Women’s Physique was up first. Highly respected photographers and fitness personalities were amongst the groups of people. After months of intense training, these ladies were competing to become part of the International Federation of BodyBuilding. Only the best competitor wins a “pro card,” based on the best physique. The most symmetrical muscular yet maintaining femininity would win. That evening, I attended the IFBB Pro Meet…


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