Frank Bette Plein Air Paintout

Nossi College of Art’s adjunct faculty members are active in their careers, always trying to better themselves and their craft. Lisa Taylor (view her amazing work here) will be participating in Frank Bette Plein Air Paintout in Alameda, California this week.  A “paintout” is an event where artists congregate in an outdoor setting for the purpose of completing paintings from life. There’s a variety of paintouts, most fall under being either an Invitational or Juried event and are typically a week long.    There were 40 artists juried/selected to participate in this. Lisa Taylor, along with 39 other artists will be spending the week painting on location in Alameda, California. Each day they setup and paint in various locations across the island, with a goal of completing 2 to 3 paintings a day. At the end of the week (Saturday) there will be a public outdoor exhibition of all paintings from the week, and juror will be selecting winning pieces. During the unveiling, each artist will have a booth to display all of their work.    In addition to the paintout, there’s also a “Quick Draw” competition amongst the artists this week. Participants have a set amount of time to paint within a specified location, after which there is an exhibition and the winning artist is chosen by the participating artists.   This will be Lisa’s third year attending the Frank Bette Plein Air Paintout. Attending events like these not only contribute to building upon a profession in painting, they also provide the…

Nossi ōlumni Cookout

Nossi Alumni (ōlumni!) are having a cookout today! RSVP by emailing our Career Services Department at 

Music Industry Club Meeting – NossiMICs

Nossi’s Music Industry Club (NossiMICs) will be hosting our July meeting today. Please RSVP here (private invite) with your attendance plans! We will be discussing our new logo, concerts to attend and advice from NossiMICs leadership.

What do you do all day? UXUI Web Designer

WRITTEN BY: lfunke

Meet Brandi Leath, a Nossi College of Art graduate and current UX UI Web Designer at Parachute Media, a local ad agency focused on social media and digital marketing. Brandi graduated with an Interactive Graphic Design degree and is putting her skills and experience to use on a daily basis. Learn a little bit more about Brandi and what she does:   Why did you decide to become and Web & Interactive Designer?  In the 10 years of my accounting career, I constantly found myself working on UX/UI and graphic design projects within the companies I worked for. This was in addition to my accounting responsibilities. I would freelance web design projects and work after work just for fun. I know it sounds a bit silly, but this is literally what happened. I turned 30 and was watching the movie The Vow. The one where Rachel McAdams was in law school and decided to quit and go to art school instead. I left the movie feeling extremely overwhelmed by the same feeling. I wanted to make art, all the time, not just for fun. So I quit my job and two weeks later I signed up for art school at Nossi College. I wasn’t even sure if I had any talent; I just knew that’s what I wanted to do.   I’m so glad I listened to my gut feeling, it has worked out better than I ever imagined.   What does a typical day look like for you? The very…

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