Live on the Green

This amazing free festival is hosted by Lightning 100, Nashville local and independent radio station. Hosted every Thursday starting August 10 and the entire Labor Day weekend, you will find some new music in addition to some classic favorites – Sheryl Crow, absolutely! Nossi College of Art gets to sent a concert photographer to each night of the festival. Congrats to our four concert photographers: Nick Zimmer, Natia Cinco, Angela Everett and Joshua Balboa.  Learn about this free event, view the schedule and upgrade your experience and purchase VIP tickets here.  

Nossi Senior Show and Open House

Join us as we honor our graduating seniors for their portfolio show. Concluding the event is Nossi’s Semester Award Show as well, where we highlight top-performing students with certificates.  The show’s promotional pieces (direct mail, email campaign, social media and website images) were created by Talia Folk, Interactive Graphic Design student graduating this summer. View more of Talia’s work by visiting her portfolio site and her business, Big Foot Studios.

Nossi’s Financial Aid Director Selected!

WRITTEN BY: lfunke

Finding the best option to afford college can be one of the biggest hurdles students face when wanting to earn their degree. Nossi College of Art’s founder, Ms. Nossi states, “Part of our philosophy is that no creative person, for financial reasons, be left behind in the pursuit of a college career.”Mary Kidd, Nossi’s Financial Aid Director, is following in the Ms. Nossi Philosophy because she was recently elected to serve on the Tennessee Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (TASFAA) board. This Association connects financial aid offices across the state to collaborate on ways to serve the needs of students and their families through financial assistance. The TASFAA was organized in 1967 to help financial aid administrators stay connected on industry trends, updates on new legislature, training material, provide input for surveys, pair mentors and mentees, and network with one another. They also stay assist Tennessee High Schools, informing administrators about TASFAA programs so students are more prepared and informed about their college finances. Mary Kidd was elected by her peers to serve on the TASFAA Board for one year, starting July 2017. Joining her will be 30 members representing colleges across the state. Her dedication to her office has not gone unnoticed by the Board either, as she was also selected to sit on the Board Conference Planning Committee. This annual conference takes place in April 2018 and will celebrate the TASFAA’s 50th Anniversary. Please help us in congratulating Mary Kidd on her nomination and her service to…

Frank Bette Plein Air Paintout

Nossi College of Art’s adjunct faculty members are active in their careers, always trying to better themselves and their craft. Lisa Taylor (view her amazing work here) will be participating in Frank Bette Plein Air Paintout in Alameda, California this week.  A “paintout” is an event where artists congregate in an outdoor setting for the purpose of completing paintings from life. There’s a variety of paintouts, most fall under being either an Invitational or Juried event and are typically a week long.    There were 40 artists juried/selected to participate in this. Lisa Taylor, along with 39 other artists will be spending the week painting on location in Alameda, California. Each day they setup and paint in various locations across the island, with a goal of completing 2 to 3 paintings a day. At the end of the week (Saturday) there will be a public outdoor exhibition of all paintings from the week, and juror will be selecting winning pieces. During the unveiling, each artist will have a booth to display all of their work.    In addition to the paintout, there’s also a “Quick Draw” competition amongst the artists this week. Participants have a set amount of time to paint within a specified location, after which there is an exhibition and the winning artist is chosen by the participating artists.   This will be Lisa’s third year attending the Frank Bette Plein Air Paintout. Attending events like these not only contribute to building upon a profession in painting, they also provide the…

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