Honors for the Spring Semester, 2016

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Community. Collaboration. Competition. Each semester, Nossi College of Art students gather for the Senior Portfolio Show and Semester Award Ceremony to support each other’s achievements while competing to take home an award for achievement. All of our 2016 Spring Semester Seniors showed off their portfolio of work to friends, family and potential employers. After the Open House and Senior Show, the Nossi community of students, faculty and staff gather in our large photography studio to announce the semester award winners. Nossi College has a number of students who receive nominations, in the end, only 17 students in 13 categories get to claim the prize. Award-winning students take home these awards because of their dedicated hard work, their creative abilities and their talents. Graphic Design and Illustration Awards: Talent Discovery – Brandi Leath, Spring 2016 Graduate, her work is considered “Best of the Best” while attending college Most Creative – Maggie Barnes, Spring 2016 Graduate Excellent Student Award – Erica Lane and Marti Brumley, Spring 2016 Graduate Ambassador Award – Cory Harkins Most Improved Award – Antonio Pillow Class Participation Award – Cory Harkins, Jordan Shumate and Tyler Cowan Photography and Videography Awards: Talent Discovery – TIE Amber Thomas and Lara Richardson, both Spring 2016 graduates, their work is considered “Best of the Best” while attending college Most Creative – Amber Thomas Excellent Student Award – Michiah Posey Ambassador Award – Katherine Seghers Most Improved Award – Mary Ann Hewitt Class Participation Award – Zakk Beaty Adjunct faculty members, who happen to…

Alumni Articles: Nicky Drake, Photographer

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By Les Kerr Nicky Drake’s life proves the advantage of defining one’s passion and pursuing it. As she was about to follow a career path in nursing, she discovered photography was really what captured her heart. “I got accepted into nursing school and then realized that’s not what I wanted to do every day. I took some time to get to know myself and find what my passions were,” said Nicky about a six-month period between almost entering nursing school and enrolling at Nossi College of Art. “The first thing I picked up was a camera.” What started as a hobby during her years at Nashville’s McGavock High School evolved into a successful career and business called The Company Photography. In high school, she took an introduction to photography course and began photographing her friends. People are still her favorite subjects. “I asked all of my friends, ‘please let me take pictures of you,’” Nicky said.  Her client base and subject matter now extend far beyond friends to events, concerts and musicians. Promotional and commercial art are also in the mix. She likes shooting concerts because of the spontaneity and pressure of knowing the shots are not set up and that once the opportunity has passed, it may be impossible to capture a certain moment again. Nicky said her undergraduate experience at Nossi College began as love at first sight. She enrolled the day she toured the campus, realizing the encouraging climate was just what she needed to move her…

Connecting With Fellow Designers

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This blog was written by Nossi College of Art student, Brandi Leath. Brandi will graduate with her associate degree in Interactive Graphic Design in the 2016 spring semester. She is a marketing manager and graphic designer for the online retail community, mainly in Nashville. Brandi has managed marketing strategies and brand identities for five different retail brands. She has experience in online marketing, web design, eCommerce, digital advertising, social media marketing and 10 years of accounting experience. She has also been an avid member Nashville’s Social Media Club Chapter. “I love being a night student at Nossi, most of the classes are really small and intimate. I am a part-time student, so unfortunately, because of curriculum schedules, I was only able to see my favorite people once a week, maybe twice if I’m lucky to have another class with them. In most classes we critique our work for every project. I LOVE critique days. These are the days I receive constructive feedback, not only from my mentors and teachers, but also from my peers. These class critiques provide feedback that helps me continue to grow as a designer. Because of my limited school schedule, I decided to create a Facebook group for each class I attended. My goal was to provide a safe space to post our work-in-progress before critique day. This opportunity enabled us to really push each other to constantly get better. When final critiques came up, our work was nearly perfect because of all the feedback we…

CMAEDU Meeting SOLID and YEP – Two Young Professional Networking Groups

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Blog by Communications VP, Michiah Posey | Images by President, Katherine Seghers In February for the Spring Semester, the Nossi CMA EDU chapter hosted a networking panel to give over 60 members and nonmembers a chance to interact with representatives from Nashville’s young professional organizations, SOLID and YEP. Three people heavily involved in Nashville’s entertainment and music industries supplied advice and encounters they experienced while working in the real world. The purpose of the event? To learn how to become better networkers as young professionals. SOLID representative John Huelsmen knows first hand just how important networking can be when deciding to find a new job. Thanks to his networking connections, John already has job multiple offers lined up without even sending out his resume. John, along with Richard Vega and Garrison Snell from YEP, shared networking tips as well as some challenges they have faced while networking.   One suggestion included using networking to meet as many new people as possible. Contact information is key while networking, make sure they get your information and you get theirs. Having business cards ready to go for these events are a big plus. Garrison Snell suggested opting to put your number in their phone instead of a business card so you know they have it. Another suggested to use a creative approach when talking with someone, but ultimately you want to keep the first conversation casual – get the contact info and possibly schedule another chance to meet and discuss work. Everyone agreed that…

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